When you're in the process of designing or revamping your kitchen, finding the perfect spot for your microwave oven can be quite a challenge. We've all come to rely on our microwaves because they serve a unique purpose in our kitchens. However, they often seem bulky, hogging precious countertop real estate, and their storage can be a bit of a headache. The question then arises: Is it possible to seamlessly integrate the microwave oven into your kitchen design and reclaim that valuable space for other uses? The answer is a resounding "yes," and here at BestDealsOnAppliances.com, we're excited to present three ingenious ways to incorporate your microwave oven into your new kitchen design.

Understanding Your Microwave Type

Before we delve into these three fantastic integration options, it's essential to understand the type of microwave you own or are considering purchasing. If you have a compact countertop model, you can easily place it on a shelf or a countertop without hogging too much space. But if you prefer to keep those areas clear for other uses, you might want to explore microwave units that can be wall-mounted. For those with more space constraints in their kitchen, the drawer unit is an excellent choice. This allows you to position your microwave at a convenient height without sacrificing much-needed kitchen space. And then there's the over-the-range microwave option, which combines microwave functionality with the lighting and ventilation features of the oven and range below. When shopping for a new microwave, it's crucial to consider where you intend to place it, take measurements, and then select the most suitable option.

Three Brilliant Microwave Integration Ideas

Microwave Drawer: We've already touched on the advantages of using a drawer unit for your microwave. Beyond the space-saving benefits, this method is perfect for those aiming for a sleek, modern kitchen design. You can install the microwave neatly within a drawer beneath the countertop or even integrate it into a central island. This setup allows you to place the microwave inside a cabinet with a front sliding door that matches the surrounding cabinetry in design and color. It's a minimalist and elegant way to store your microwave, all while keeping it easily accessible. With this approach, your countertops are freed up for food preparation and plating.


Built-In Microwave : If you happen to have some spare wall space, like from a closet or garage, you can create a recessed wall opening to accommodate your microwave oven. This is an ultra-clean solution that optimizes your kitchen space effectively. When your microwave is mounted within the wall, it becomes a convenient appliance that doesn't protrude into your kitchen, offering a streamlined look. You can still see the microwave door and panel, but it won't be an eyesore. Consider finishing the mounting area with matching paint trim to seamlessly blend it into the rest of your kitchen.



Cabinetry Cut-Out: Building a designated cut-out in one of your cabinets for your microwave oven can create the illusion that it naturally belongs there. A snug fit adds an even more polished appearance, but certain manufacturers offer trim kits that can help fill in any gaps, ensuring a uniform and seamless look.
All three of these options make it a breeze to access, use, and maintain your microwave without any hassles.

If you're thinking about upgrading your microwave, you can explore the wide range of options available in our online collection, or you can get in touch with one of our expert team members for additional guidance. At BestDealsOnAppliances.com, we're here to help you make the most of your kitchen space without compromising on convenience and style.